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Juneteenth – Cheers for freedom and equality!


A celebration of freedom and the fight for its fulfillment.

Juneteenth is a combination of June and 19th. It’s the day of ending enslaving in the United States, or it’s a second Independence Day! June 19th is about remembering the past and moving toward a future that involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property. However, as time passed, these days, Juneteenth became a day that provides people a chance to get together with family and friends to celebrate freedom and teach the rising generation the importance of self-improvement.

For us, the new generation today, we should take the opportunity of Juneteenth to celebrate freedom by creating activities that help support equity in our society to ensure that everyone in our community receives all personal rights and equality in their everyday life.

People are gathering on Juneteenth

At Bai Tong Thai Street Café, we support freedom, personal rights, and equality by providing fair compensation, employee rights, and equality to all employees to ensure that our employees have a good quality of life when they work with us. Happy Juneteenth, everyone!!

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