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About us

Bai Tong Thai Street Cafe expands from one of the most popular Thai restaurants in WA which founded by the former Thai Airways flight attendant near the Sea-Tac airport in 1989. With the best Thai experience we have been offering for years, Bai Tong Thai Restaurant is the standard for authentic Thai food in the Seattle area.


After more than 15 years serving the authentic Thai food for the Seattleites, the founder decided to hand the Bai Tong to the next generation of the family in 2005. Back at that time, even in the new transition, one thing still stays the same until these days — our commitment to cooking truly authentic Thai food, so that our customers can experience the same delicious recipes that Thai people enjoy in Thailand.


Thai Cooking

Our vision

It starts from when we have really good products on our hands and we know that it can be sold to everyone all over the world. Yes! we really believe in our products. We believe in Thai food. We do what we love and we love what we do so much, we can be in the kitchen all day long, we always get so excited when we walk into any food market. As we have seen so many different international cuisine or restaurants all over the US, but we almost never seen any authentic Thai restaurant or Thai cuisine at all. Back to the question, what is our vision?

Our vision is to bring you the best Thai dining experience and be your favorite Thai place. We want you think of Bai Tong whenever you are craving for Thai food. Not only that but we also aim to open more locations all around the world so our guests can see us wherever they go. You may think it seems like we are a dreamer and there is no way to make this happened. But one thing that we also believe in is that "nothing impossible".  For our Bai Tong family, we always work as a team, as a family and in unity. We always put our passion into action. If we fail, we will get up and move on. We do the best we can to reach our aims and the rest we give it to God.         

Thai restaurant
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